There are more than 20 hotels in Kiev varying from the new "5 stars" to the old-"soviet style".

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Renting apartments is much cheaper than similarly furnished hotel rooms. Generally, apartments are completely furnished with bedding and all necessary furniture and equipment: one or two TV-sets, a refrigerator, an iron, a hairdryer, an electric kettle, a microwave, video or DVD, air conditioners (for heating and cooling), and a kitchen with all necessary utensils, enabling you to eat home-cooked food.

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Ukrainian currency

The hryvnia (sometimes hryvnya; Ukrainian: гривня) has been the national currency of Ukraine since September 2, 1996. It replaced the karbovanets at the rate of 1 hryvnia = 100,000 karbovantsiv. The hryvnia is subdivided into 100 kopiyok. The ISO 4217 codes are UAH and 980.

Official Exchange Rate of Hryvnia against Foreign Currencies
Paul McCartney’s address to Ukrainians