Wed 18th Jun
Today 18 June is Paul McCartney Birthday
Sun 15th Jun
On Saturday 14th June over 350,000 concert goers braved adverse weather conditions as Paul McCartney played the biggest concert in the Ukraine's history.
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On Saturday 14th June 2008, 21:00 at the invitation of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, Paul McCartney will perform to hundreds of thousands of people in Independence Square, Kiev, Ukraine.  This groundbreaking event has been named Independence Concert. Paul's special show will be free to attend and will be broadcasted live on Novy TV.

This exciting event will be seen as symbolic for several generations of Ukrainians.  It will allow people of different ethnicities and religions, political preferences and geopolitical orientations to come together around the ideas of peace, love and unity; the very ideas that Paul McCartney with The Beatles helped bring into the World. Independence Concert is an independent social initiative that aims to strengthen the confidence and understanding in the Ukrainian society.

Independence Concert appeals to the ideals that helped 30 years ago to melt down the ice of the ‘cold war' in the hearts of millions and changed the world into a better place.   Today the ideology that forms the core of Ukrainian independence is shared with Paul McCartney's own ideology.  Independence Concert serves to promote happiness, freedom, love and peace not only in the Ukraine but also to the entire World.

This historic concert will be broadcast live on screens in 5 cities across the Ukraine - Lviv, Kharkov, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk and Odessa for those who can't make it to Kiev.

Paul McCartney said:

‘I'm very excited because on the 14th of June I've been invited to play a concert in Independence Square, Kiev. Me and the band are going to be there and we're going to have to a great evening and we hope to see you there. So come along, it's going to be great evening hopefully for the Ukraine. Pull together, groove, rock and roll - all together"

Victor Pinchuk, Ukrainian businessman and philanthropist and founder of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation said:

"One could not imagine this 30 years ago. Nobody could even dare to hope for this 20 years ago. One could only dream about it 10 years ago. 5 years ago we could only envy our neighbours for whom this became a reality. And finally the day has come. For the first time we have the opportunity to hear the songs that changed the world and created a new culture. The songs that we grew up with and became who we are. These songs tell us about very simple but nevertheless important things: real love can't be bought and that real friendship can't be sold. There is much more to what unites people than what divides them, and in reality it's not an impossible task to become a better person and to make the world a better place, especially if you do it all together.

Paul McCartney’s address to Ukrainians